Privacy Decorative Frost Film Gives Boston Bruins the Assist - Decorative Window Film in the Boston Area. 2

Privacy Decorative Frost Film Gives Boston Bruins the Assist

Boston has been blessed over the years with some fantastic sports teams. But anyone who knows us, knows that our favorite is the Black and Gold of the Boston Bruins. We were asked to help provide some much needed visual privacy from the physical training and hot tub area of the trainers room. Our custom printed dual gradient was a perfect solution for the space. This privacy decorative frost film was just the assist the Bruins needed.

Also, we added the B’s logos on the door, which serves as a little reminder that you are really somewhere that’s very special. Let’s hope 24 is the year they bring the Cup home again 🏆.

Check out these additional pictures of this project.

Privacy decorative frost film offers a combination of both form and function for office and commercial spaces. The translucent film obscures views into conference rooms, private offices, and cubicles, enhancing privacy and confidentiality without sacrificing natural light. This can improve employee comfort and focus during meetings or computer work, while also creating a more professional atmosphere.

Additionally, frosted window film can add a decorative touch to plain glass walls, creating a more visually interesting and inviting work environment. You are limited nearly only by your own imagination.

We hope this brief post gives you an example of how privacy decorative frost film we used for the Boston Bruins could be used in your space. If you would like more information or if you have any questions about these products, contact our team at New England Window Film by calling (508) 747-1242 or email us at for an absolutely free, no obligation consultation and quotation on using these innovative films in your space. We service the entire greater Boston, Massachusetts area with innovative window film technology and custom printed window and wall graphics.

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